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"Get a Ball" Out of Your Woodworking

Adjust the outside (C) ring so the lever is at the left-hand end of the slot. Use a pencil to mark the outside of the ring and the glued-up assembly. Now, hold the ring in place with your hand while you check the side-to-side movement of the lever. Remove the slide lever (G) and glue the outer ring into place, being careful not to get any glue on the inside (C) disc.

Once the glue has set up, move the slide lever all the way to the right of he slot. Locate the position of disc D by aligning the 5/8-inch holes. Now, glue disc D into place . . . then attach disc E with glue. Clamp the entire base assembly, and allow the glue to set up for 24 hours.

Step 8. Turn the base assembly by mounting it to your 3-3/4-inch diameter Lathe Faceplate. Turn the top (E) first,  creating a recess that’s the same diameter and approximate depth as the lid of a small mouth canning (Mason) jar. Begin by using a parting tool to establish your dimensions, then a roundnose chisel to complete all the contours. Sand the entire piece while it’s still mounted on the Lathe.

Step 9: Finishing touches. Make the slide lever knob (H) by first drilling a 1/4-inch diameter by 1/2-inch deep hole in one end. Hold the knob with pliers as you drill it. Glue the lever into the knob and allow it to dry. Next, mount the slide lever assembly (pieces G & H) in your Drill Chuck and “turn” the piece using files or sandpaper. Glue the lever assembly into place.

Step 10:. Apply salad bowl finish or paste wax, fill with gumballs and enjoy!

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