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"Get a Ball" Out of Your Woodworking

Step 4: Cut out the center of disc C with a 2-1/2-inch hole saw or scroll saw. While you're at it, also cut out the center of the body piece (E) and set piece E aside.

Now, take the center (scrap) stock you just cut out of disc C and clamp it down over the jig pivot bolt. Drill a 1/4-inch diameter x 3/4-inch deep hole at the centerline for the slide lever, next to the 5/8-inch vertical hole as shown in Figure .

Step 5. Chamfer the 5/8-inch diameter holes on discs C & D. Use your Drill Press with a 1-inch countersink bit. Also locate and create a countersink “dimple” on piece A to catch the gum ball as it exits the hole in the side of disc B.

6. Drill a 5/8-inch diameter hole for the gum return on disc B. Use your MARK V in Horizontal Boring mode, with the jig clamped to the table surface as shown in Figure 3. Tilt the table 5-degrees so your bit exits through the surface of the disc as it approaches the center.

7. Assemble the machine by first gluing and clamping disc B to disc A with the center pin (F) glued into place. Line up the gum return on disc B with the countersunk gumball catch “dimple” you created in disc A in Step #5 on the previous page.

Next, you’ll need to carefully locate disc C before gluing. First, drop the scrap piece out of the center of  disc C over the center pin (F). Next, drop the outer ring of disc C (with the edge groove) into place. Align the 5/8-inch holes in discs B & C and insert the slide lever (G) into the 1/4” hole in the edge of disc C (see Figure 4).


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